Pentest Security Advisory : PTL-2004-05
Vulnerability in Cisco Collaboration Server

Advisory Details

Title: Vulnerability in Cisco Collaboration Server
Announcement date: 30th June 2004
Advisory Reference: ptl-2004-05
Products: Cisco Collaboration Server
Vulnerability Type: Remote Code Execution / Elevation of Privileges
Vendor-Status: Patches Available
Remotely Exploitable: Yes
Locally Exploitable: Yes
Advisory URL:

Vulnerability Description

Versions of Cisco Collaboration Server prior to 5.x use a flawed version of ServletExec that allows an attacker to upload arbitrary files to the web server and directly invoke them, gaining administrative privileges.

Vulnerable Versions

CCS 4.x ships with ServletExec 3.0 which is vulnerable until patched.

CCS 3.x ships with ServletExec 2.2 which is vulnerable until patched.

Fix / Workarounds

CCS 4.0 customers can patch the software with an automated script or upgrade to CCS 5.x.

An automated script is not available for CCS 3.0. To patch this version Customers can either:

a) Follow the manual instructions in the Workaround section of the Cisco advisory
b) Upgrade to CCS 4.x and patch the software with the automated script
c) Upgrade to CCS 5.x.


This vulnerability was discovered by Matt Moore from Pentest Limited

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