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Our Approach

Each assessment will go through the following stages

Security Assessments are complex, and our approach will be unique to your organisation, your security posture, your digital estate and the goals set. Broadly speaking, each assessment will go through the following stages:



Planning is key to a successful engagement and our team will work with you to ensure goals are defined, communication requirements set, and everything is in place before we start testing.


Our testing can go through the following stages: OSINT & reconnaissance, vulnerability discovery, exploitation including social engineering, post-exploitation, persistence.

Ongoing Communication

We will communicate with you throughout the engagement, to your set requirements, updating you on progress and discussing potential future actions.


A full test report will be delivered at the end of the assessment, providing an in-depth review of findings, a timeline of activity that took place and our remediation advice.

Post-Test Support

We provide access to our Consultants after the report has been delivered, allowing you to address specific concerns and to provide remediation advice. 


We offer a period of retesting to allow you to verify issues have been mitigated successfully.

Letter of opinion

A letter of opinion can be supplied to provide a summary overview of the security findings to third-parties, should it be required.