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Red Teaming

Simulate the actions of a real-world attack

What is Red Teaming?

Red teaming is designed to simulate the actions of a real-world attack in the most complete, exhaustive and accurate manner. 

Unlike penetration testing, red teaming is goal based and our Consultants will utilise any route possible, within the set scope, to gain access to a privilege level or set of resources that could be highly impactful to your organisation. 

These engagements can be useful to any organisation wishing to test their robustness in the face of cyber-threats. However, they are more suited to larger scale organisations that have a global presence and considerable attack surface, those that have critical assets they are required to protect, that have been undertaking regular penetration testing or have advanced internal security teams.  

The overall benefits of Red Teaming 

Simulate an advanced real-world attack 

Persistent attackers will use a variety of techniques to achieve their goal. Our red ream engagements simulate this threat and will look to exploit your organisation, within the set scope, to fully test your defences and provide a realistic description of timescales that might be involved in a real-world attack. 

Secure your most important assets 

What are your company’s most important assets, the things you couldn’t operate without? It could be your transactional website, maybe it’s your customer database or even financial information. Whatever it is, it needs protecting and our red team engagements can provide you with the security assurances you need. 

Uncover wider vulnerabilities 

Penetration testing is a powerful tool in uncovering vulnerabilities, however, these are specific to the area being tested. Red teaming has a much broader scope, helping you uncover a combination of wider organisational vulnerabilities which could be used in conjunction to compromise sensitive assets or data. 

Support your internal security teams 

Red teaming can help determine how effective your internal security teams are at providing defence, logging and reporting issues that may be considered a security threat. Following the engagement, we will work with you and your team to improve your posture and your internal response to an attack. 

What we test 

Our Consultants will look to gather information from multiple sources, utilise various techniques and attempt numerous routes in order to achieve their goal. The routes we use are dependent on the scope set, but can include a combination of:  


Your digital estate is often bigger than you think, and every connected device, website, application and server provides a potential way in for hackers. Our Consultants will look to understand your digital estate, probing and testing it to exploit potential vulnerabilities.  


Staff can be your strongest line of defence, but they can also be your weakest link. Our Consultants can use a variety of methods, such as social engineering and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), to obtain credentials and gain access to your network. 

Physical locations

Our team are experienced in conducting physical red eam operations and, if instructed, will look to manipulate their way into premises, attempting to gain access to sensitive areas unchallenged. 


Once inside your network, our Security Consultants will look to expose any poor security processes and controls. This could include poor internal password management, ineffective privilege access levels and a potential lack of incident response.