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In response to demand from clients facing increasing pressures to deliver secure applications on schedule, and against a backdrop of new compliance and increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques, Pentest consultants have developed a Secure Coding Workshop for developers.

The Pentest Secure Coding Workshop is a hands-on course aimed at developers who wish to gain a greater understanding of common security vulnerabilities and the knowledge to ensure their applications are as safe as possible by developing and testing robust, secure code. The course helps organisations develop and deploy applications that are inherently more secure by design thereby:

  • Reducing the risk exposure
  • Shortening the testing cycle
  • Reducing the requirements for re-work and re-testing
  • Motivating developers by providing a means for personal development

The course is not delivered by full-time trainers, but by highly experienced Pentest security consultants who are otherwise engaged in 'live' application reviews and testing. The knowledge they impart is based on their experience of common issues they come across on a daily basis. As the course is delivered by industry professionals, the content can be adapted to the requirements of the client, and (to an extent) the capabilities of the delegates.


86% of all websites had at least one serious vulnerability during 2012

-WhiteHat Security

Workshop Overview:

Session 1 is aimed at raising awareness:

This introductory session gives a general overview of how security testers and hackers go about finding web application vulnerabilities. Delegates are also introduced to some of the most common security vulnerabilities, and how they might be exploited.

Sessions 2, 3 and 4:

These sessions cover a number of security areas in detail, including the issues a web developer might face, typical mistakes and how to avoid them. Throughout the course attendees will receive hands-on experience examining a sample vulnerable web application.


70% of threats are at the Web application layer

-Gartner Inc.

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Area of Interest

Pentest’s work is not just about finding vulnerabilities! Thanks to their ability to clearly interpret and communicate their findings, Pentest researchers play a role in educating Oracle developers about current and emerging security threats that customers will face in “real-life” deployments

-Duncan Harris
Senior Director
Security Assurance
Oracle Corp

Database Services

Pentest offers a complete Database Security Assessment Service (DSAS) to businesses that rely on the security of the information held within their databases or have concerns relating to the security compliance of these systems.

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